Certified Veteran Owned Small Business
Certified Veteran Owned Small Business
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Surge Protection

Power or voltage surges are brief bursts of energy caused by a sudden change in the electrical conditions of a circuit; they are virtually inevitable. Wherever electrical or electronic equipment is used, power surges can and do occur. While often lasting only a millisecond, power surges can raise the voltage in electronic circuits from a few hundred to as much as several thousand volts.

Surges are one of the most severe, common, and immediate dangers to modern, sensitive electronic equipment. Our modern home appliances today include high-efficiency HVAC systems and WiFi connected clothes dryers, refrigerators, microwaves, and kitchen ranges, in addition to computer and gaming systems. Are you working from a home office? Look around at the office equipment that is at risk.

Contact IEC for information on affordable, high quality, whole-house surge protection devices that include a lifetime warranty and electronic appliance replacement up to $100,000 in value.

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